This blog is pretty much as the subtitle describes it. It will be a sometimes musing, sometimes ranting collection of the thoughts of a agendered asexual transwoman completing her Master’s in Biology in the University of Aarhus. It will cover a range of topics including some basic primers on concepts like what the hell an agendered asexual transwoman means or what a poly relationship is.

In the future, there will be a separate tab collecting these primers so that you can more easily enjoy the blog.

17 Responses to “About”

  1. CL Minou said


    I’m using your commenting thingy because it’s the only way to get in touch with you, eek!

    I’m C.L. Minou, and I blog various places round the net (Shakesville, Tiger Beatdown, on feminist and trans issues.

    I was reading Pharyngula yesterday and came upon your long shadow-battle with Hyperon and I can’t tell you how impressed I was by your writing. Enough so that I want to know if you’d like to contribute to my own blog, The Second Awakening ( My time commitments are getting stacked so I want to put together a crack team of trans feminists to work with me.

    Anyway, love your work! Keep it up! And good luck in SF–I was out in the area for five weeks this past November, so feel free to ask questions if you care to!


    C.L. Minou

  2. Azkyroth said

    I have a queer ettiquette question:

    Which gender pronoun should one use when referring to a transwoman in reference to things that person did prior to identifying as not male, let alone transitioning?

    • cerberustheasexual said

      The proper pronoun to use is their current chosen sex. The thing about being trans isn’t that someone is randomly switching, but rather that someone has realized that they have always been that other sex their entire lives.

      As such, who they were back in the day was still the same gender pronoun as they are now. Because they’ve always been their current gender.

      If you absolutely need a term to describe the “before times”, you can ask them what terminology they use when describing that time themselves. Personally, when describing my own stuff, I’ve used statements like “back when I thought I was male”, but you really want to ask before using anything similar

      As far as pronouns, though, the rule is whatever they identify as now is what they’ve always been. Much like a retcon, the old continuity has been shattered by the epiphany and now never was. A her now has always been a her and all of her actions are now ones she has taken.

      Hope this helps.

      • Azkyroth said

        Does, thanks. Do you mind advising me on something vaguely related in a little more depth? (Plz to email me if you’ve got a moment for it). 🙂

  3. Mattir said

    You are my hero. Really. Would it have been so hard for deriamis to say sorry? Or even sorry I offended you, but in my experience I don’t t interpret X that way? Jeez.

  4. CW said

    Cerberus, really, no kidding, please get an email-box that folks can use to tell you how much we appreciate some of your more inspired offerings on the blogosphere.

    Meantime, keep up the good work.

  5. Fascinating blog. Found you via the PZ thread, and have really enjoyed it 🙂

  6. Mariam said

    Interesting stuff Heidi.

    I’m sure Cerberus will make a donation.

  7. Mattir said

    Cerberus, you are awesome. Seriously.

    Thank you for continuing the fight, but I think LP is simply interested in scoring points and blogwhoring. What a jerk – good thing sexual selection works both ways!

  8. RedSonja said


    Came over from the Pharyngula thread to say thank you! for trying so hard with lukeprog. You really tried to turn the whole thing into a teaching moment, which I admire as that is so NOT your responsibility. I was also tickled to see all the links to Shakesville, as that’s my primary bloghome. Thanks for being such a kickass feminist.

  9. pygmyloris said

    Wow, I’m reading the Objectification thread over at Pharyngula because it was open in my browser when the strike happened (I’m not giving SMG more clicks until PZ’s strike is over) and I just have to say that you’re absolutely amazing. On every thread that addresses sexism and culture, your comments always resonate with me. Keep up the excellent work. I’ll be hanging around your site now too. 🙂

  10. maureen brian said

    And now it’s me! Mighty impressed with what you are doing on PZ’s “implied consent” thread but worried that, perhaps, you are beating yourself up a bit more than some of the idiots there deserve.

    Your decision, of course, so please don’t link I’m telling you what to do.

    So, clinched fist salute / big hug / imaginary bouquet of really flash roses – whatever it take to say how much your courage and your coherence under fire are appreciated.


  11. Kevin said

    I was told I should get in touch with you, Cerberus – re: my latest blog post.

    Don’t want to go out and force email contact – but if you would be kind to get in touch with me, I think I could use some advice.

    kd9280 at is my email. Respond at your leisure.

  12. Sanity Clause said

    ho ho ho

  13. Hi, Ye Olde Blacksmith here from Pharyngula. I would really like to pick your brain regarding some transgendered characters I’m developing for a game. Please, at your leisure, contact me at
    rob at


  14. Siggy said

    Hello, I’m not sure how to contact you. Could you contact me ASAP at asexualagenda at gmail dot com?

  15. James Perkins said

    You are a mentally ill freak and you should probably kill yourself.

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