Tragic beating of transwoman caught on tape


Joe My God has the details*.

The video details a transwoman getting thoroughly thrashed by two assailants because she was seen as entering the “wrong” bathroom at a Maryland based McDonalds.

The staff filmed the assault and did not intervene in any way to stop the assault and in fact urged the assailants to flee before police arrived. The only person who intervened on the woman’s behalf was an elderly woman.

For all of the people who like to deny the correlations between cultural hatred and disregard of trans identity with violent assault and murder of trans individuals.

Moreover, for all of those who argue that the bathroom issue is “complicated” and that transpeople need to take a back seat to “concerns about safety”. That the cultural segregations at the bathroom do not create a mindset wherein defense of a clear separation isn’t seen as the most important thing. For those who can’t understand why bathrooms end up being such a huge source of stress, fear, and so on.

And especially for those so bound by hatred for transpeople’s existence that they believe transpeople deserve to get assaulted if they want the ability to shit like normal human beings in a closed stall like every other bastard seeking privacy and intestinal relief.

Watch the video at the link. Listen to every frightened scream. Listen to every hate-filled assault. Watch every boot come down.

Do that and then come back here and I dare you to not find the words turn into ash in your mouth.

For the rest of us, dear Bob in Himmel. It hurts to watch. And it hurts more to know this happens nearly every day in one form or another.

And if there’s one piece of hope I can give you, it’s that more and more people seem to be recognizing such acts as evil. More places are outraged when incidents like this occur. McDonalds has responded with an emphatic apology for the terrible actions of its employees and the initial uploader, at first proud of it, has found themselves at the center of a very nasty backlash.

Maybe just maybe, the social safety of being a bigot is decreasing and such actions will be less and less likely to be seen as laudable or “normal”.

*Warning on the comment section of the Joe My God post. It’s infested with some vile right-wing trolls and bigots so if you decide to scroll down into them, be wary.


3 Responses to “Tragic beating of transwoman caught on tape”

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  2. pt said

    i was born with averaged female genitals. i still have them and that is unlikely to change. i am not a transman (though i have never been able to identify as female either). i have never comprehended why bathrooms are such a big deal: whenever the ladies room has a long queue and i really gotta go, i just use the mens room instead, as i am sure everyone in the bathrooms would rather i do that than leave a giant puddle of urine outside. this sort of despicable shit effects everyone, which some cisgendered idiots seem to not think. reminds me of the case where two or so horrible “humans” beat a waiter to death on the way home to his wife and kids, because omg since he is dressed so fancy he must be “a fag”. Grrrr, why can’t idiots realize that this kind of sick shits are not to be helped to flee, but deeply condemned. That poor transwoman might as well have been his sister/mother/daughter/father/brother/etc. those horrific excuses for human beings could just as well killed him for looking at them funny, if they hadn’t been busy fleeing.

  3. Felix said

    I know this is an old post, but I wanted to say thanks for posting it. I am a transman, not fully transitioned and not in a hurry, and bathrooms are scary. I don’t know why people get so emotional and judgemental about it, but I swear I’m not a threat to anyone. I just have to pee sometimes.

    I’m can’t watch the video. I hear about enough when I talk to other transpeople. I love that you reported on it, though.

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