Today is a good day


Prop 8 Overturned

Sure, it’s already appealed and there’s a stay preventing new marriages for a bit and the Supreme Court is filled with fuckwads, but this is an important ruling nonetheless.

The ruling is damning to the openly discriminatory “arguments” of the other side.

Basically the findings of fact made clear what we’ve known for awhile, that the side against same sex marriage has no legal argument whatsoever. None. Nothing to defend themselves in secular law, which is a pretty big deal because as much as they’d like to whine otherwise, marriage is and always has been a secular affair.

Who knows how long they’ll be able to stay atop the wave of ever-shrinking bigotry to keep the discrimination going?

But it can’t be much longer. Things are visibly braking down and the other side is shocked to find that the bigotry of this country might not be enough anymore to prevent the truth from blowing them apart and leave them to the winds of time like the Tea Party movement still bitter at losing the Civil Rights Act battle of 50 years ago.

In short, this could be the final nail in the coffin, another chip in the wall, or maybe the beginning of the last stand of bigotry in the form of a negative Supreme Court ruling, but any way you slice it, the system is starting to crumble.

And perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll be able to marry my partner soon without feeling like I’m stabbing fellow queers in the back.

It’s a good day right-minded America, go out and celebrate!


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