The Beast is Slain


The thesis is written, final draft.

Not quite through all the hurdles yet. I have to print it out tomorrow morning after I get more color ink and race to turn it in by noon, but the final draft has been polished to a mirror-like shine and I am feeling completely emotionally and spiritually drained, but in a nice pleasant way. And I will have to go defend it in two weeks, but…

Regardless of all that, I am officially finished with the writing of my master’s thesis and am now literally a handful of mostly administrative steps from having my master’s degree.

It’s been a long, often mind-breaking slog, but I’m through the woods. I wonder when it will hit me that I’ve got my life back again?

I can do things like sleep, have fun, and post long-winded blog posts again.

Well, that and finalize my repatriation back to the States. But for now, huzzah to the conquering hero and all that jazz.

The beast is slain.


One Response to “The Beast is Slain”

  1. Betelgeuse said

    am fairly new on Pharyngula, was reading the endless thread and popped in to your blog from there, to see this and a few other related posts. Just wanted to say thanks, for writing about it.
    Am bang in the middle of a breakdown phase (or so I think) of my masters too, where I technically should have finished writing up but haven’t, because it just isnt happening. Which sucks. Along with a whole lot of other things besides.

    But if everyone has one of these struggle moments that only means I’m going to beat it soon too.

    Cheers and congratulations on yours!

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