Day of Remembrance


Eleventh International Trangender Day of Remembrance Official Sign

Yeah, I’ve been gone. Basically short answer is I’ve been sick and I’ve been massively depressed. My Master’s project already delayed by my lack of ability to contact another researcher in China with valuable information, has been even more delayed when a change I made to my attempts to redo his step without a super computer added what looks to be another month or so to the runtime, lots of fun.

But all of that doesn’t matter one whit. These foibles are things of privilege, the everyday worries of work and school and romantic escapades that are that which is promised to be the only worry for those who succeed in the struggles for equality.

Maybe one day, we’ll have equal rights for transgender people and more of them can like me here in Denmark put more worry into whether or not they’ll finish that program this year, get that new job, talk to that cute person down the street, than what they worry about now.

That is whether or not they will be one of the 119 documented murders of transpeople around the globe this year, 13 of them in the good old USA. Full list here. That’s about one every third day, and over one a month in America alone, murdered for being who they were. Murdered because making people think about gender, about sexuality, about the inherent heterogeneity of the human animal gives an excuse to eliminate. Because we are “accepted targets”, not valued by the state or by the people.

It’s why the expanded Hate Crimes Law Obama signed earlier this year was such a big deal. It sends a message that transpeople are not fair game. Are not target practice. Are not an “it” to “deal with”.

We are, all of us, people with inalienable rights. We have real lives and real loves.

Two days ago, I yelled at a drunken douchebag on a public bus in front of 20 of his closest friends in an incident I will describe later this weekend I promise. I will likely do this in the future, I seem to not have the ability to suffer those who would belittle my humanity willingly and I can be hot-headed for righteousness.

I want to live in a world where such a tendency doesn’t carry an understood threat of death. Where just living my life without such a tendency carries an understood threat of death. Where just being alive carries an understood threat of death. And specifically death by murder.

It’s bullshit in so many ways and it is angering. This day is often one of mourning and believe me, I’ve shed my fair share of tears over each and every name on that list and the sad pointless ways in which they were cut down too young by douchebags drunk on religion and toxic masculinity.

But right now, I’m numb and I’m pissed.

We are not cows to be slaughtered. We are too small a population of the world to be counting a death every three days, to be slaughtered in America over once every month while Christianist fucktards search desperately for a “discrimination case” to whine about where a Christian once had something mean said to them by a queer person or someone was fired for trying to make a queer person’s life even more miserable.

We are not disposable toys, we are real women, men, and genderqueers who deserve real respect and value.

We deserve a world where we can worry more about a damn master’s project than whether or not this is the day that you join the running statistics on the Transgender Day of Remembrance Site.

And we deserve it now.


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