Vote or I’ll eat your souls


Vote or Die

It’s an off year election. Many are suffering from seasonal colds including myself and it’s the middle of a hectic workweek and potentially final season.

Things can get set aside, but some things are too important to be set aside.

Today in Maine, our good friends the Mormons and their bestest friends the Catholic Church have decided to try and overturn the will of the people through their elected representatives in order to try and sneak through one of their 50% + 1 travesties of justice on the backs of lies about children and lots of gay people are pedophile mailer shit.

In short, it’s Prop 8 all over again and it is paramount for every voter to stand against them and tell them enough is enough to their theocratic bullshit.

VOTE NO ON 1 and if you don’t live in the state, but know someone who does, phone stalk them until they report from the polls. If you don’t live in Maine, but live in New England, take a sick day or a half-day and call 415-935-4552 for the National Day of Equality and see how you can provide some last minute assistance getting out the vote among the younger pro-equality populations to overcome the wave of lifeless fundies.


For those in Wahington, there’s another important election for “everything but marriage” domestic partnership laws, that the same packs of bigots are doing everything in their power to thwart (putting a lie to their claim that they just care a lot about the word marriage and nothing else).

Again if you or someone you know is in Washington you need to vote APPROVE REF 71 and the same phone stalking rules apply.


Not in the big profile states? Think you’re off the hook? Not necessarily.

The New Jersey Governor’s race may seem worth skipping, but the difference between Corzine and Christie could spell the difference between gay marriage rights or increased persecution of gays. Corzine has pledged to sign a marriage rights bill that is expected to pass legislature reasonably soon, Christie is against even domestic partnerships. No matter what, you NEED to vote Corzine for Governor.

There’s also a battle in Kalamazoo, Michigan as the bigots try and strip away a new city ordinance banning discrimination against lgbt individuals by screaming a lot about transwoman molesting your womenfolk despite the fact that there have been no such events ever, while there has been Christian men molesting or peeping on women in the bathrooms, including at least one signer of the petition for this very ordinance. Time to say fuck you by voting YES on 1856.

There are also gay candidates running for office in Chapel Hill, NC (Mark Kleinschmidt for Mayor) and Houston, TX (Anise Parker for Mayor).

Today’s the last day and we need people to care at least as much as the theocratic voices who would rather see us dead. So go out to VOTE or tell loved ones in those areas to vote no matter what. Let’s make Nov. 4, 2009 a much happier day than Nov. 5, 2008. We can do it in all cases if we just show up and vote.

So once again, VOTE!


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