Too Many Dead People


Eve's Apple webcomic

Comic above the property of Christine Smith, the very talented author of the webcomic Eve’s Apple.

The exact comic in question for those who find the current size broken on their browsers can be found here.

EDITED: This post has been modified from its original form to remove inaccurate uses of transwoman where I meant transpeople.

It’s from July 22nd, but it’s real. This study shows the results of the Trans Murder Monitoring Program which looked for the rate of murders of trans people around the world reported to the police for the last year and a half. More than 200 people were killed during this time, the equivalent of one transperson murdered every three days.

It doesn’t say flat out if all the cases are hate crimes wherein the transpeople were targeted specifically for being trans, but a quick examination of the raw dataset and the cases they cite in America seem to suggest that that’s the case.

So that would be every third day, a transperson is murdered, sometimes tortured first, because they do not fit into the strict boundaries of gender the haters want. Killed because we do not value transpeople as fully people, as worthy of life as something more than an it.

This is, to put it mildly, fucked up.

This is a campaign of terrorism against those in the in-between, something to use as the proverbial stick if we wonder why we shouldn’t be proudly trans or why we should disappear into the most extreme forms of our chosen gender and sex regardless of our actual gender comfort level.

And why?

Because the culture wants to continue to believe that we don’t exist, that having to face us or learn about us, or realize we have the same hearts, the same blood, the same loves and desires can be delayed through this constant unstated threat.

In this post I decried the aspect of letting terrorism, letting this small band of evil murderers, win the battle for the vast apathetic middle who just needs to see us to love us and support us.

I still maintain that.

I am a proud transwoman and you will not silence my voice nor the voice of my brothers and sisters and for every ally out there, I would like you to just occasionally stand up where you can for your trans brothers and sisters and say this shit has got to go.

You cannot kill the message. You can not kill what we are, the existence of transsexuality.

You can not kill biology.

And I refuse to go down without a fight.

And I refuse to be terrorized by this penny ante bullshit.

But anyways, most of the murders have been occurring in heavily catholic latin america adding yet another shameful body count to the Church’s anti-gay anti-women policies. This organization has been most responsible for fighting back for the general rights of transpeople. Sadly I haven’t been able to find a donate button or page, but once I do so, I will update everyone.

Also, fight on.


2 Responses to “Too Many Dead People”

  1. Thaniel said

    At least once you use “transwoman” & “transpeople” interchangeably. As a transman I would prefer that you not participate in the haters’ strategy of making yramsmen completely invisible. WE ARE transpeople too. We get killed beaten raped & tortured for it just like you. Our stats are even more underreported b/c of the haters’ belief that we’re “not really men”, just a freakish version of lesbians, and all forms of crimes against lesbians are underreported, & underprosecuted. All deaths of transfolk deserve our concern! And ALL attempts by transfolk to resist the hate are noteworthy & honorable!

    • cerberustheasexual said

      Good catch. I did actually mean transpeople there, especially as I fully agree with your statements. Transmen are erased by media, because they shatter many of the assumptive narratives. I also firmly believe that crimes of these natures are underreported in general, both for transwomen and transmen. Also, crimes against lesbians and homosexuals in general are as well staggering and a form of similar form of terrorism. Crimes against lesbians in particular can be mishandled by police force threatened by their existence which can lead to messed up prosecution standards, see the Jersey 6 case.

      And yes, a thousand times yes, ALL attempts by transfolk to resist the hate are noteworthy and honorable and my transbrothers are just as invested in the fight as are my transgendered peeps who feel they are neither man nor woman.

      Together we ROCK! Divided we fall.

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