And Suddenly I’m Following La Liga


Getafe C.F.

Things I haven’t mentioned about myself yet:

I’m a HUUGE football fan. I’m such a football fan, that despite being raised in America I refuse to call it soccer. My favorite team is a tiny team called FC Midtjylland based in Herning, Denmark. I’ve been a fan for a number of years now, but was only able to see a game live last year when I came to Denmark (and I deny that it unduly influenced my decision to do my grad program here in Denmark, the key phrase of course being unduly).

But outside of Danish football (where the national team and my team are having opposite luck in this year’s campaigns), I tend to be pretty neutral to who comes out on top, though I’ll admit to usually being prejudiced against the big boys because I like underdogs.

As such, I’ve never really much supported any of the teams in Spain’s La Liga, nor watched too many games of it despite it being one of the premier football leagues in the world with one of the most historic and political rivalries in the entire world of sports as well as last year home to the literal best team in Europe, the very classy FC Barcelona (they donated their shirt sponsorship to Unicef, what’s not to like).

Perhaps it’s because, as awesome as FC Barcelona is, I never found a team that spoke as directly to me as the one I’ve found today. That team as seen in the club crest on the top of the post is Getafe C.F., a smallish club from the Madrid metropolitan area.

They’re not great. They’ve only been in the top-flight league in Spain in this run since the 2004-2005 season and last season only avoided relegation by conceding two fewer goals than Real Betis.

But I’m going to have to fly their colors cause before their 2005-2006 season they aired this to promote their club:

The translation of the spanish (and correct me if I’m wrong) is: “My father is proud of me. I am (a) Getafe (fan).”

It’s one of the most powerfully supportive trans-inclusive ads I’ve ever seen, including the famous Argentina bank ad included below and whether the main character identifies as a male drag queen or a transgendered woman, the father’s pride at the process and aid in transportation and love is powerful as is a football club willing to put this forth as their public face and reduce the macho sport culture’s usual distaste for sympathetic non-“joke” portrayal of transpeople.

It is, in essence, an ad that has made me suddenly care about a little team from the metropolitan area of Madrid and take pride in this most likely temporary state of affairs.

I’ll be ordering a shirt momentarily.

Argentina bank ad:


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