A Personal Update


It’s been a crazy couple of days in the Cerberus household. Here’s the breakdown on some of what has been going on.

First up, I got a request to cross-post some stuff on sexgenderbody and have started with my initial manifesto post. I will continue to cross-post relevant posts as they come up (and they will). None have made it to the front page yet, but with luck and enough awesomeness, hopefully I’ll make it there at least semi-regularly. EIther way, it’s a great site and as such I’ve added it to the blogroll.

On that general topic of post stuff, I do have some interesting general style posts planned for the near future discussing identity, self-expression, and some terminology stuff, as well as the general politics you’ve seen so far. I may even throw in some posts on my grad studies for the geek-inclined as I imagine that may grow to dominate some of my thoughts in the coming year.

And never you worry, these posts will be coming and likely at a much greater rate in the coming weeks. Right now, I’ve been mostly offline owing to the fact that I’ve been trying to enjoy my partner to the full of my abilities before she has to return back to the United States to start her own grad program there.

It has been an amazing vacation so far both for her visiting me and for me having her here. Last night, I had the most bittersweet moment yet as I planned out our final bit of travel before I put her on the plane home (a day and a half in København starting this Wednesday). It was an amazing time and I’ll be coming home to her in little under a year, but it’s still a little sad and as such she’s been the one coming first in my priorities.

In happier news though, she very recently came out on one of her blogs as polyamorous and bisexual, which was a move of incredible bravery as that process is very painful and hard for her. I’m immensely proud of her, especially as I recognize the immense privilege that comes from having little fear on that score. She’s not quite at the point where I can point her out, but she’s made immense progress and that should be supported.

On that note, I say to you all, take the time to appreciate where you are and always remember that it is a good thing when you take a step towards living honestly and free. Even when it’s a baby step, it’s something, because all motion towards progress is better than standing still or running back scared. No matter how slow it happens or how scared you are to do it, you are by moving forward showing courage and that’s what really matters.

With that, I say good luck and see you all Thursday.


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